Specialized Translators

Imagine the following situations. A football-related press conference is about to start and foreign players will be interviewed. Would you trust a professional interpreter who hates football and couldn’t name more than five players in the world? Would you rather rely on a football fan who speaks more or less both languages but has no idea about interpreting and can just translate four words at a time?

What about an interpreter hired for the release of a new Star Wars film, who has never even watched the previous films?

If you were a doctor, would you trust a medical book translated by a professional translator who knows nothing about medicine?

The list can go on and on, but we probably have made our point already.


You don’t just need professionals, you need specialized translators and interpreters


First, knowing two languages is not enough to translate a text and interpret an event that is relevant to your business; you need a professional for it. Second, many times being a professional translator and interpreter might not be sufficient either; you need professionals that are also specialists in the field in question. This way, you can stay assured that they can truly understand the concepts, and speak the jargon of your target audience.

Specialization is our philosophy, our main differentiating factor, and something we don’t compromise on. We would rather not provide the service at all if we couldn’t keep this promise.



When I founded the company I had already embraced this philosophy long before. This is why as a freelancer I was already managing projects for my own clients thanks to a network of professional and trustworthy colleagues with different language combinations and fields of expertise. Specialized Translators was born just as a logical consequence providing this international network with a more formal structure.

There are many language service providers out there, we know. Choosing to rely on Specialized Translators will make you shine with your own clients and partners. You will show them that you care about them, and that you don’t compromise on quality either.



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